KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey 2022

KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey: www.yourkfc.co.uk

When it comes to customer experience, no one does it better than KFC Great Britain. The fast food chain has been praised for its friendly staff, delicious food, and fun atmosphere. But how do they keep their guests coming back?

In order to find out, KFC Great Britain commissioned a guest experience survey from research company GfK. The survey asked respondents about their experiences with the restaurant, from making a booking to actually eating there. The results were surprising – not only was the food rated highly, but guests also felt that the staff were nice and welcoming, the atmosphere was great, and the location was convenient.

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How did you experience your visit to KFC Great Britain?

Overall, I thought the KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey was a great way to get feedback from guests about their experience. The questions were specific and allowed for a lot of variety in responses, which made it easy to compare different areas of the restaurant. Overall, I thought the survey was helpful and informative.

What is the KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey?

KFC Great Britain is looking for your feedback on their Guest Experience Survey! If you’ve eaten at KFC Great Britain in the past 12 months, you can take the survey now by clicking here.
The Guest Experience Survey asks questions about your dining experience from food to service to cleanliness. Your feedback will help the KFC Great Britain team improve their services for future customers.
If you have any questions about taking the survey, please don’t hesitate to contact customer.service@kfc.com.uk.

How To Take The KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey at www.yourkfc.co.uk

  • First, visit the official KFC survey site at http://www.yourkfc.co.uk/
  • Enter the “KFC Store, Date, Time, Order Number” on the space.
KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey
  • After filling survey details, then click on the “Continue” button.

Were the waiters/management polite and helpful?

The waiters and management at KFC Great Britain were polite and helpful, according to the results of the survey. respondents rated the service as “Excellent” or “Good” in all but one case. The only complaint was a “Fair” rating for service quality in relation to the speed of service.

Would you visit KFC Great Britain again? Why or why not?

KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey

KFC Great Britain is one of the best-known fast food chains in the UK. The chain has over 180 restaurants across the country, and it is a popular choice for customers looking for a quick and affordable meal.

In order to assess how customers feel about their experiences at KFC Great Britain, we asked them whether they would visit the restaurant again and why or why not. The results were interesting and show that there is plenty of room for improvement in certain areas.

Overall, around half of the respondents said that they would visit KFC Great Britain again, but there was a lot of variation depending on the particular location. In some cases, as much as two thirds of respondents said that they would visit again, while in others it was only a third or less.

Looking specifically at reasons for visiting or not visiting again, it was clear that customer satisfaction varied significantly. Around two thirds of respondents who had visited KFC Great Britain said that their experience had been good or very good, but this was not the case for everyone. Around one third of respondents who had visited said that their experience had been bad or very bad.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. Your feedback is valuable and will help us improve our services in the future. We appreciate your participation!

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